TRAVEL FOLDING POTTY SEAT INSERT FOR TODDLERS 🕳 Bringing the fun to not falling in toilets since 2019 😜 Approved by a Pediatric Pelvic Floor Therapist & Potty Training Consultants! 💙 SHIPPING USA & AUSTRALIA

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a child's smile is worth a million! - UNI BOO BOO 

Our focus has been on creating a travel potty seat that was both brilliantly made and fun to use. 

The idea was born in 2019, after noticing that most foldable travel potty seats were lacking the love and attention that went through the initial creative process of designing a product for children. 

Our thoughtful designs and attention to detail are what separates us apart. 

“The bright colours make it really fun!” - Christi

“This is definitely helping her learn to use the potty! Thank you!!” Stefanie. S 

We were thrilled to have found that it brings so many children joy to use, and it has also made it easier for some parents to teach toilet training at home and on the go. 

Our travel potty seats have beautiful designs, are great for public toilets, easy to clean, have a carry bag and non-slip pads that keep them from sliding. 

All you need to bring out the smile in potty training.


Sam and Nina - Founders of UNI POO POO... we mean BOO BOO