TRAVEL FOLDING POTTY SEAT INSERT FOR TODDLERS 🕳 Bringing the fun to not falling in toilets since 2019 😜 Approved by a Pediatric Pelvic Floor Therapist & Potty Training Consultants! 💙 SHIPPING USA & AUSTRALIA

Welcome to Uni Boo Boo. A modern brand for parents, carers and children alike. Our products are fun for your little ones, but are also functional, making potty training and parenting easier!

While most parents struggle through those dreaded potty training days, here at Uni Boo Boo we wondered what could make it easier on all of us! 

That is how Uni Boo Boo was born and how we designed the product that you see today. Convenient, easy and most of all - fun!

Creating a high quality product that is functional was our priority and we have achieved that with the Uni Boo Boo travel potty.

They are easy to clean, great for public toilets, suitable size for most toilet seats and have non slip pads help keep the seat secure. 

Suitable for use at home and out and about. Take it with you for shorter trips to shopping centres and the like to familiarise your toddler with it, and longer trips will become a breeze!

 We know our potty is the best in the biz for happy bums!